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PC Tech Tips - Vol. 2.2


Choosing the Right Software

Frozen in your tracks about what to do with your computer? Programs to increase your productivity, programs to help you to better organize and use your information, there are so many titles being thrown around it can confuse anyone into not taking any action.

A recent study by International Data Corporation projected that by the end of 1996, software companies are expected to ship more than 35 million NEW software packages. No wonder computer users are so overwhelmed!

All businesses have certain things in common. Every business needs to do marketing and advertising, word processing (letters, proposals, contracts), records management (filing & document tracking), scheduling and accounting. There are software programs to help you with each of these functions, and more!

Due to the fact that we feel we need to move through life faster & faster, computers are found more and more in homes, too. Programs for tracking assets, finances, doing homework, sending out Christmas cards, etc. are in abundance.

PC Tech Associates will help you choose the right program(s) to fit your needs and your budget. PC Tech is an independent consulting firm with no ties to any particular software company. Call us today.

Contact Management

What is contact management? Everyone has contacts, friends, neighbors, relatives, business associates, landlords, doctors, favorite restaurants, etc. People in business have clients, customers, vendors, potential clients, etc. Contact management programs help track information and activities on these various people.

Living in the information age is not easy, we are expected to remember so many more people than the town grocer or the local insurance agent or the neighborhood plumber. Nowadays, we need tools to help us remember all the people and their phone numbers too. Pager numbers, fax numbers, cellular phone numbers, extension numbers, why one of our clients has nine phone numbers!

Of course, contact managers track more than just phone numbers and addresses. They can track birthdays, contact history, every appointment, every phone conversation, items mailed, their hair color (to help you remember what they look like), any information about them that will help you remember who they are and what activities you have done for them or with them.

With a contact manager, you can schedule events for the future. How many times have people said to you, "Call me next week to talk about that..."? How many times have you said to yourself, "I need to follow up with this person next month."? How do you remember all those dates and times?

You've heard it often lately, "Success in any highly competitive market is the establishment of relationships. Personal relationships and customer service are tantamount to success." Wouldn't it be great if you could say to someone, "How is your mom? The last time we spoke, she was sick." If you do any marketing and sales in your business, a contact management program is a must. Use it to track a direct mail program or sales promotion to a group of contacts, test a sales technique and track the response, manage an advertising campaign all with a few clicks of your mouse!

Recently, PC Tech Associates has become involved in the development of a contact management product, Lead-Commander. We believe it can help our clients with their contact management needs. It runs in both the Windows and Macintosh environments, it is extremely easy to use and is intuitive and powerful. During your next follow up call or appointment with us, please ask us about it, we would be happy to share our experiences with you.

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